Smiles all around for the guys of Free! Eternal Summer in this Newtype Magazine (Amazon JP) finale poster illustrated by character designer Futoshi Nishiya (西屋太志).

Anonyme inquired:
Hello! Do you happen to have a high res scan of the Sousuke and Rin poster that is in Animedia's November 2014 issue? (They are both laying down and holding game systems) Thank you!

As I said earlier, I won’t scan large posters anymore, but you can download this one on Minitokyo.

Anonyme inquired:
Hi there! I wanna ask, will you be scanning posters of October's magazines? Many of them has HaruRinSouMako, practically in every magazine in October edition. I'm kinda waiting you will, no matter how long, but i still wanna ask. Sorry for the trouble.

Hello Anon, 

I meant to make an announcement but you’ve probably noticed I’ve not been active lately. My job will keep me very busy for the next nine months, so I won’t be able to scan magazines as often as I used to. I won’t scan large posters at all, since these are very time consuming, plus the scanning process damages them a lot.

I’m considering buying an A3 scanner toward the end of the year, which would allow me to scan things faster and in a less invasive way; I’ll probably resume scanning posters then. Until then, I suggest you to search on a lot of free! scans are posted there, you might find the one you’re looking for. I’m sorry I can’t help more.

In the meantime I’ll focus on scanlating magazines; I hope I’ll be able to publish at least one per month. The next one should be Spoon 2Di Vol.57. I hope you’ll like this as well.

Anonyme inquired:
Hello! I was talking about this poster - gallery (.) minitokyo (.) net / view / 658779

Here you go, Anon. Download the full-size image on Mediafire or Mega.

I apologize for the subpar clean job; the poster was very difficult to scan. I hope you like it anyway.

Anonyme inquired:
Were you the one who scanned the Makoto and Haru Animedia stick poster on Minitokyo? If not, would you be willing to do so in the future? Your scans are such good quality and the version on scan sites is small. If not, thank you so much for your hard work anyway!


I’m sorry Anon, but could you give me a link to said scan? If I own the poster, I’ll see if I can scan a bigger version of it.

detcabbage-deactivated20141010 inquired:
random q but... i buy a lot of mags for posters and sometimes the posters are attached as pages. they don't have any perforation/tear mark for tearing and are called pinup/ピンアップ i think? may i know the proper way to remove them or how you do it? i tried tearing it but it ripped a little >__<;;

You have to cut them yourself, which I know is a royal pain >.>

I took pictures of the tools I use since I have no idea what’s their english name, I’m sorry.

Afficher davantage

Anonyme inquired:
how do you order from kyoani shop internationally?

As I said in an earlier post, you can’t, and so have to use a proxy.

I’m getting my own copy from here.


You can buy them on CDJapan

Amazon jp is a bit cheaper and ships internationally (if you can’t read japanese, google translate is enough to place your order). This website lists all the magazines featuring Free! and provides a direct link to purchase them on Amazon.


I can’t find it either, I’m sorry. These were sold with the Future Fish CD and so are difficult to get outside of Japan, so I don’t think we’ll have a scan anytime soon.


Thank you hun but I’m not the one translating, I merely put things together. The translators (whose blogs are linked on each scanlation posts) are the one who truely deserve your thanks. Have a nice day aswell!


The first batch has sold out indeed, but it should be put up for sale again in a few days.

Animedia October 2014 - Free! high res scans + translation

Many thanks to everyone who worked on this project! You did an awsome job!

Translations: janeypeixes (pages 1, 4/5, 8 to 11 and 16) kudouusagi (pages 2/3 and 14/15) and bossprocrastinator (pages 6/7 and 12/13)

Cleaning: squidfestival (pages 2 to 4) and ccparadise (pages 12/13)

Proofreading: ccparadise

Please visit their blog and thank them warmly for their hard work!

Please do not repost these pictures.

Note: as I really wanted to post them before episode 12, some of these pages are a bit rushed, and I will update the links with cleaner versions in the next few days. Please look under the cut for up-to-date download links!

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New Free! Eternal Summer poster with the Samezuka boys in Animage Magazine (10/2014) illustrated by animation director Shoko Ikeda (池田晶子).