detcabbage inquired:
random q but... i buy a lot of mags for posters and sometimes the posters are attached as pages. they don't have any perforation/tear mark for tearing and are called pinup/ピンアップ i think? may i know the proper way to remove them or how you do it? i tried tearing it but it ripped a little >__<;;

You have to cut them yourself, which I know is a royal pain >.>

I took pictures of the tools I use since I have no idea what’s their english name, I’m sorry.

Afficher davantage

Anonyme inquired:
how do you order from kyoani shop internationally?

As I said in an earlier post, you can’t, and so have to use a proxy.

I’m getting my own copy from here.


You can buy them on CDJapan

Amazon jp is a bit cheaper and ships internationally (if you can’t read japanese, google translate is enough to place your order). This website lists all the magazines featuring Free! and provides a direct link to purchase them on Amazon.


I can’t find it either, I’m sorry. These were sold with the Future Fish CD and so are difficult to get outside of Japan, so I don’t think we’ll have a scan anytime soon.


Thank you hun but I’m not the one translating, I merely put things together. The translators (whose blogs are linked on each scanlation posts) are the one who truely deserve your thanks. Have a nice day aswell!


The first batch has sold out indeed, but it should be put up for sale again in a few days.

Animedia October 2014 - Free! high res scans + translation

Many thanks to everyone who worked on this project! You did an awsome job!

Translations: janeypeixes (pages 1, 4/5, 8 to 11 and 16) kudouusagi (pages 2/3 and 14/15) and bossprocrastinator (pages 6/7 and 12/13)

Cleaning: squidfestival (pages 2 to 4) and ccparadise (pages 12/13)

Proofreading: ccparadise

Please visit their blog and thank them warmly for their hard work!

Please do not repost these pictures.

Note: as I really wanted to post them before episode 12, some of these pages are a bit rushed, and I will update the links with cleaner versions in the next few days. Please look under the cut for up-to-date download links!

Afficher davantage


New Free! Eternal Summer poster with the Samezuka boys in Animage Magazine (10/2014) illustrated by animation director Shoko Ikeda (池田晶子). 



I’m going to place a group pre-order for the SouRin Characters Mook on September 16th. If you want in, please read on ~

  • What: Mook = Magazine book. 32 pages, A4 size, full colour. They’re making four in total, Rin & Sousuke share this one. It’s going to include exclusive illustrations, contributions from Masahiro Yokotani (including a written drama!), and interviews/conversations with Hiroko Utsumi, Futoshi Nishiya, Yuka Yoneda, Mamoru Miyano, Yoshimasa Hosoya. And, most importantly, a cute pair bracelet!! That has a shark and a whale shark charms on it. Super cute.
  • How: If you want in, I’m going to ask for 5210 yen, via Paypal. (If you don’t have a Paypal account, I can send you an invoice that you can pay with a credit card). Email comecomeparadise at outlook dot com with “Free! order” in the title, making sure to mention the country where you want the order shipped so I can calculate shipping costs, and then I’ll ask for payment. Again, the limit is September 16th, so make sure you’re able to pay before then!

The book is released on October 29th and I will start shipping it on November 7th.

And here are the official pictures we currently have, from the KyoAniShop:


Freel free to order if interested!

Since I was asked about this, I thought I could just reblog this post here too.

sakuradaydreams inquired:
Hi there, do you know how those who cannot read Japanese could order the SouRin mook? I can't figure out if the KyoAni shop can be set to English translation... or if you know of another location selling it that would be appreciated! Thanks ^_^ (and thank you for all your scanning work, all of this artwork brings me daily joys of Free fandom :)


The Kyoani online shop is japanese only. They do not ship internationally, so to get it you have to use a proxy service.

I’m getting my own copy from ccparadise, who lives in Tokyo. She also can get you other books like High Speed!1 & 2, and some Free! Kuji merch which is almost impossible to get for us foreigners (and she’s super nice!). Feel free to contact her!

I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly, as it may interest other people too.


What about Rin and Sousuke? It seems they are a really popular pair right now.

It does seem that way. But I’m worried that Sousuke has become that popular (lol).

Why are you worried?

Injuries happen in sports, but when you actually write about it, writing it is painful. I wonder how people are going to react to it. and then, it’s not like he won’t appear in the show anymore, but the reason he transferred, and his shoulder, all of his drama is over now, after this I wonder how people are going to react to what his place in the show is from now on.

There were a lot of scenes about Rin and Sousuke’s childhood past too weren’t there? Unlike Haruka and Makoto they weren’t together the whole time, ever since the moment when their opinion differed about relays they’ve been separated. These two pairs have a similar, and yet contrasting existence. I wasn’t able to take my eyes off of it.

That’s right.  There was a flashback scene of Haurka and Makoto but, ever since childhood they’ve never competed against each other, Makoto was always the one to give in. Even when he got the mascot he said “this one is good” “I wanted this one”. Where as with Rin and Sousuke, whenever anything happened they always said “let’s compete!” That’s how their relationship is different from Haruka and Makoto.

The real reason Sousuke appeared injured

In season 1 Rin was saved, so then what was the point of having him go up against the already injured Sousuke? What did you want Rin to do?

We wanted to write about “many different futures”. The main character is of course Haruka so, we wanted the plot to focus on Haruka. The focus for him is deciding what he will do in the future. Around him there is  “Rin” who is aiming for the world, and “Sousuke” who really wants to swim more, but in the end that wish won’t come true. “Makoto” thinks about him in his own way…… being so close, what will Haruka end up thinking?  

Sousuke is Rin’s childhood friend, so he adds drama with his relationship with Rin but fundamentally it’s all about “Haruka”, what he will do in the future, so we wanted to write the three of them each having their own different views and pushing him that way.   

To begin with rather than Sousuke having a shoulder problem, we thought about him having problems with his family, but we really wanted it to be “dramatic!” I’ve heard there are a lot of people who have hurt their shoulders by swimming butterfly

Anonyme inquired:
I'm actually going to order the sourin mook. Is it usually more text instead of art and stuff? Cause I actually can't read Japanese but I really don't want to pass on this. Also what sort of stuff are usually in it?

It’s both, actually! I only have the perfect file as a reference, but it features a lot of illustrations and concept art, as well as episode commentary and interviews of the cast & producers.

From what I see on the item description on the Kyoani shop, the sourin mook will feature illustrations, interviews of producer Yokotani, director Utsumi, chara-designer Nishiya and voice actors Miyano and Hosoya. So, really interesting content.

Plus I think people on tumblr will translate part or all of it (actually, I’d love to coordinate a complete scanlation of the mook, but I’ll be extremely busy when it comes out so I don’t think I’ll be able to… we’ll see).

I hope this answers your question!

Anonyme inquired:
Hello! Have you heard about the october issue of mook that will come with Free! bracelet? is mook also some kind of magazine? i googled mook and it showed me various magazines i'm kind of confused what mook is

"Mook" is the contraction of the words "magazine" and "book". They are about the same size as a regular magazine, but thicker, with better paper quality. In example, Pash!’s Free! Perfect File from last year is a mook.

They often come with goods like posters, or in the sourin mook case, a bracelet ^^ I’ll try to get that one scanned too but I might get it fairly late.